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Metal Roofing Makes For a Good Choice for Durable and Long Lasting Roofs

When you are replacing a roof or building one for your new home, metal roofing is an alternative to consider against the conventional roofing materials like wood, asphalt, tile, and others. Metal roofs can be made from aluminum, steel, or even other metals.

Metal roofs are light in weight and can weigh just 150 pounds per square, instead of the 1000 pounds that concrete tiles will weight. This can help in reducing the structure required to support a metal roof. This low weight also allows it to be installed directly over existing roofs without any need for any added structural support. They come in long panels of standard widths and this makes them easy to install. Metal roofs will reflect the heat from the sun, and this helps to reduce the heat coming into a home.

Metal roofing is non-combustible and has a high fire rating, but this rating may be reduced if the roof is installed over existing wooden shingles. Most companies that supply metal roofs give warranties of between 25 to 50 years, indicating high durability of the product, which can have a life almost two to three times that of asphalt shingle roofs.

Metal roofs can withstand the abuse of extreme weather for decades, and will easily survive high winds, heavy snow, rain or hail, and even be resistant to wildfires. These roofs are normally given a 140 mph wind rating. They also shed snow fast, because of the smooth surface that they have.

Metal roofs may be costly compared to traditional materials, but their durability evens out this cost in the long run. The roofing can even be recycled completely. Most metal roofing materials available contain a significant percentage of recycled material. It does dent easily and can be noisy in the rain. But this noise can be reduced with the use of insulation.

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